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E-cigarette Batteries Go High Tech

E-cigarette batteries have always gotten a bad wrap in the e-cigarette community.  Since the inception of e-cigarette batteries, the technology hasn’t kept up with the atomizers and other components of the e-cigarette.  Not any longer.

Finally, the e-cigarette battery technology has caught up to the rest of the e cigarette game.  Now utilizing lithium technology in e cigarette batteries, these batteries are charging quicker and lasting longer.  Recharging these ecig units to full capacity, in the past, has taken sometimes up to 4-6 hours.  Now, a full recharge takes no longer than 2 hours.  Great improvement.

Also, the new ecig battery tech has improved the life span of the battery.  In the past, the electronic cigarette batteries could be charged 10-20 times before it would not recharge at all or the charge on the electronic cig would only last for a couple of vapor puffs.  Now, with the new electronic cig tech, you can recharge the ecig battery up to 300-350 times… and getting a full charge, time after time!

One of the best benefits of this new ecig battery tech is the power the battery is delivering to the e cigarette atomizer.  Now puffs are thick and tasty which in turn, delivers e cigarette satisfaction like no other.  This is what is getting e-cigarette user across the world excited!

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New E-Cigarette Batteries Change the Game

Had an old e-cigarette product I was using for sometime.  Was not happy with it but its what I had and I’m cheap so I stuck with it.  Over time the batteries on my e-cigarette started to lose steam quickly… as in not holding a charge for more than a few uses or just not giving my e-cigarette the juice that it needed to give the big vapor puffs.

Finally I decided to upgrade my e-cig with the new technology which included the batteries.  Boy was I glad I did that!  Now with the new Lithium battery technology, I can use my e-cigs for days without needing the charge them.  My nicotine vapor hits from the flavor cartridges has increased so I’m definitely more satisfied than before.

Maybe I’m behind on the game but if you are still using the old e-cigarette batteries then do yourself a favor and switch to the new Lithium batteries and you’ll be one happy e-cig smoker!

E-cigarette Batteries Have Upgraded

It’s great to see the evolution in the e-cigarette category.  Especially when it pertains to the e-cigarette batteries.  So many times my ecigarette battery has failed over the long haul, but now, with the upgrade to lithium ecigarette batteries, it has changed all that.

Now when I charge my lithium e-cigarette battery, it last for a long while.  I can recharge the ecig battery over and over without worry that the electronic cigarette battery will lose its ability to charge.

So make sure when you purchase your next ecig you are getting the new e-cigarette lithium batteries.